Can my system be monitored without a telephone line?

Yes!! Call our office to find out more information.

Why is Local Monitoring important?

While many national alarm companies monitor their alarm systems at out-of-state locations, with Alarmpro, the Central Monitoring Station is located in Palm Coast, with emergency backup monitoring in Texas.

Trained operators have knowledge of local conditions, jurisdictional control and situations that relate to the dispatch of emergency services. That means the accuracy and handling speed of your emergency is better served with Alarmpro Inc.

Where can I pay my bill?

You can mail your payment to our office, our post office box or stop by and pay it at our local Palm Coast office.

What if I forget my code or password?

For security purposes you will need to come by our office for assistance.

How do I change my contact information?

You can call our office at 445-7936 to update your contact information.

What do I do when I go out of town?

Call Alarmpro at 445-7936 to advise what dates you will be away. If you are going to have a house sitter, let our monitoring office know the name and password for that person.

Most systems will allow you to have a separate code for sitters, friends etc. Make sure people authorized to enter your home are familiar with the operation of your security alarm system.

It is also recommended to make sure your contact information is up to date and we have a way to contact you in case of an alarm and/or service issue.

How do I test my security alarm system?

Your window and door contacts are best tested by activating your chime mode and opening and closing each making sure the chime feature sounded. To test communications, call Alarmpro at 445-7936 for instructions.

Can changing telephone providers cause problems with my alarm?

Phone and cable companies connect their phone lines in different ways. Once changes have been made, please call Alarmpro at 445-7936 to test communications of your alarm system.

How do I find out why my trouble light is on?

A trouble light can be caused by many different problems, and has a different meaning for each type of system. Refer to your system manual for troubleshooting or call Alarmpro at 445-7936.

My smoke detectors are beeping.

A beeping smoke detector is a sign of a low battery. If one of our monitored smoke detectors has a low battery the trouble light on the keypad will be displayed.

If no trouble light is present and you are still hearing the beeping it is most likely one of your house smoke detectors which can be serviced by the homeowner. Most smoke detectors use a 9 volt battery which can be purchased and easily replaced.

Will my alarm still work if my power goes out?

Your backup battery will keep the system active. A power outage can cause the trouble light to come on, but should clear when power is restored.

What if I do not know anyone whom I can give a key to as a keyholder?

Since we are local, our monitored customers have the option to leave a key with Alarmpro.

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