Benefits Of Monitoring With Alarmpro

Your Security Is Our #1 Priority

  • Locally Owned & Operated. Alarmpro, located at 31 Enterprise Drive, has been providing security & fire protection in our community for over 26 years. Even our personnel live in Flagler County. 
  • Full Service. Alarmpro installs, services, inspects, and monitors security & fire alarm systems for both residential & commercial clients. 
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service. Should something go wrong with your system, we have personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you, our customer.
  • Automatic Weekly Test Signals. We can program your system to automatically send a transmission to our central station on a weekly basis. In the event we do not receive the transmission, we will follow up with you to determine the cause and correct the problem. (*additional fee applies)
  • Low Battery Notification. We program your system to report when your backup battery is getting low. Our office staff will contact you to advise you of the situation giving you several options to have it replaced. 
  • State Licensed & Insured. Alarmpro is State licensed and insured; all of our technicians are BASA/FASA Sate Certified. When Alarmpro comes to your home or place of business, our technicians not only drive a company truck, wear a company uniform. 
  • Honest & Trustworthy. Alarmpro is dedicated to serving our clients and home owners with the most reliable and dependable security products and service in the industry. There are NO TRIP CHARGES, NO HIDDEN FEES, AND NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS.
  • Insurance Savings. Upon your request, Alarmpro will provide a Certificate of Protection to your insurance carrier. Most insurance companies will apply a discount for a monitored security and/or fire alarm system. 


Smoke Detectors

Half of the home fires and three-fifths of fire deaths occur in homes without smoke detectors. Hundreds of people die each year in homes with smoke detectors that don't work. It's important that you not only have a smoke detector, but that you check and maintain it frequently. 

You Need To Know What Kind Of Smoke Detector You Have & How to Maintain It

Battery - Powered

Battery-Powered smoke detectors operate on alkaline batteries. The battery should be checked weekly and replaced twice a year. A good time to do this is when you change your clock in the fall and spring.

Hard - Wired without Battery Back-up

This type of smoke detector operates on household current. As long as you have electricity, it will function, but if your house loses power, it will no longer function. If you have this type, you should install battery-operated models for back-up.

Hard - Wired with Battery Back-up

There are hardwired models that have battery back-up so the detector will still function in case of power failure. If you have this type, the battery should be changed twice a year or when needed. 


Important Information About Smoke Detectors

Make Placement a Priority 

  • At a minimum, there should be a smoke detector in the hallways and corridors between the sleeping areas and the rest of the house, and/or a smoke detector in the center of the ceiling directly above each stairway.
  • Additional measures include installing smoke detectors on a wall or the ceiling in each sleeping room.
  • Because smoke rises, smoke detectors should be mounted high on the wall or ceiling. A ceiling-mounted unit should be placed as close to the center of the room as possible, or a minimum of 12 inches from the wall. Avoid installing detectors near air supply duct outlets, windows and the furnace cold air return. For a wall-mounted unit, the top of the detector should be 6-12 inches from the ceiling.
  • Smoke detectors collect dust like everything else in a house. To ensure your smoke detector is clean, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and cobwebs. 

Smoke Detector Replacement

It is recommended that detectors be replaced every 10 years. At 15 years there is a 50/50 chance your detector will fail, almost 100% chance of failure at 30 years. 


Wireless Monitoring

What happens if my phone line is cut?

Do I really need a phone line to have my system monitored?

Can I monitor my security alarm system over the internet?


  • If you lose phone service or your phone is cut your system will still be able to communicate with the Central Station.
  • With a primary cellular unit or through the internet, no phone line is needed at all.
  • With either a cell backup, cell primary, or over the internet you have the ability to access your security system via your smartphone or computer to check the status and arm/disarm your system. Not applicable to all systems


  • The cell primary units are one directional. The alarm panel can only send out information, not receive it. 
  • If you shut off your internet modem, the system will not be able to communicate with the central station.
  • Each time service is required, a service call will be incurred unless you have a service contract in place. 


General Safety Tips

How Many Of These Do you Do?

  • Be sure to keep your trees and hedges trimmed. This will give burglars fewer places to hide. 
  • Don't put TV, computer boxes, ect. outside for trash pickup the night before. It is like advertising what you have. Collapse the boxes or take them to a recycling bin.
  • If you leave your car in the driveway, make sure it is locked and the garage door opener is not inside. Do not leave purses, packages in the car where they can be seen.
  • Make sure all your doors and windows are locked, with deadbolt locks being preferred. Do not leave your overhead garage door open unattended. This is an invitation for anyone to enter your home.
  • Have outside lights that are motion activated. 
  • Put away garden tools or any object that can be used to break a window or pry open a door. 
  • Be aware of usual & unusual activities in your neighborhood. Report suspicious behavior to the Sheriff's Office immediately.
  • Never leave a key hidden outside - Burglars are familiar with typical hiding places. A secure key lockbox would be a good idea for your spare key (s).
  • Install peep holes so you can screen your visitors. Another suggestion would be a Camera(s) at your entry/exit door(s).
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working and up to code. 
  • Ask for identification from service & delivery people before letting them in your home. 
  • Beware of the door-to-door solicitor. They should provide proof of their solicitation license, which is issued by the county, and their photo ID.

Going Out of Town - Give the Impression Someone is Home

  • Don't let the newspapers pile up in your driveway. Have the delivery stopped or have a neighbor, friend, or relative stop by to pick them up.
  • Notify the post office and have your mail held. 
  • Make sure your lawn is maintained. 
  • Set lights throughout the house to automatically come on and off at different times. Even have a radio or TV on a timer. 
  • If possible, leave a car in the driveway giving the appearance someone is home. Make sure the car is locked and the garage door opener is not in the car. 
  • Leave the drapes and shades open as normal. Closed blinds during the the day are a sure sign of an empty house and hiding a potential burglar from his acts. Let the Sheriff's Office know you will be leaving by filling out a Vacation Watch Request. This can be obtained at the Sheriff's Sub Station.

Note: Although the above are deterring and preventive measures that you can do, an alarm system would alert others by the siren sounding and if monitored, notify the central station who in turn can notify the proper authority. Statistics show a home is more than 60 percent LESS likely to be burglarized than a home without an alarm system. 

If you are considering an alarm system, visit our website or call our office to set up a time for a free estimate; no gimmicks and no pressure.

Secure Key Lock Box

No longer hide a key under the mat, in the flower pot, or at the neighbor's. Lock your home and authorize access to a select few. 

  • Select who can access your property
  • Key storage compartment holds over 5 door or car keys
  • Resettable combination lock - select a 4 digit number
  • Solid die cast body is reinforced to withstand hammering and sawing
  • Zinc lock body and shutter door are weather resistant for years of dependable operation 
  • Molded bumper and vinyl coated shackle to prevent scratches to your door
  • Attractive design blends with decor to minimize attention 
  • Easy to fasten to any wall. Four #10 x 1-1/4" PH screws included. (anchors and drill bits not included)

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